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Core Values: 


We cannot fulfill Christ's mission alone as individuals.  We are a Church because God wants us to be together and to do something together.  We are a Community because we represent Christ through our unified diversity.  Our ultimate goal is to bring His Kingdom to earth, as it is in Heaven.

The four 'arrows' in our logo represent our four-fold description of God's design for His Church.  We say "Get to the point." because this is what God wants of His creation.  The arrows help to give us a visual of how we get to the point as they all point towards the center and the image of a cross.  The cross directs us to the imesurable work of grace and mercy accomplished by Jesus so that we may know victory in life and in death.  It is only to the extent that we engage in these four activities that we fulfill God's purposes and find the joy and peace He desires all to know.  It's a journey in holiness as we learn to live and love like Jesus.




The Point of the Church is to help you know that you BELONG. It's more than being somewhere with somebody.  It's being a vital part.  True community happens when masks come off, conversation gets deep, hearts become vulnerable, lives shared, follow-up welcomed, and tenderness allowed to flow. True community happens when people really see themselves as brothers and sisters in a heavenly family with God as their mutual father.  A church that honors God is one who genuinely cares for one another by supporting each other in spite of individual weaknesses. It can be hard work at times, but Jesus points to how it is worth it when He says, "All men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."  We believe that if you BELONG to Jesus and to a group of people like this, then love will be known by you and seen by others.



The Point of developing Jesus-Centered relationships is to help you and others see and BEIEVE that Jesus is the only way to expereince salvation from wrongdoings, hurts, and a lifestyle that is self destructive.  Aiding others to BELIEVE in Jesus through sharing our stories, growing in knowledge through His teachings, and letting our hearts (morals and ethics) be made pure and holy is how we do that. The  belief we are talking about is more than a simple thought that Jesus is real.  It is a core conviction that directs our responses to our world and our families.  God longs for you to not only embrace a thought about His son, but to allow Jesus to give significant meaning to your life.  Belief grows as we understand and allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives in thought, word, and deed and let others see Him in us.



The Point of life to so many is to BECOME 'someone'. The Point of the Church is to help you along the way.  We're not saying that you're all messed up or that you need to be changed.  But we are recognizing that we ALL could be better.  We also recognize that the work of God is always to help you BECOME the best 'you'... the one that He has always seen.  He loves you now and wants you to love yourself more as He perfects you.  This requires every believer to BECOME aware of who they are and what God has done and is doing daily in their lives.  It involves nurturing relationships with Jesus and others as we are His student.  It involves defining our natural talents and the beautiful supernatural gifts of God.  It involves the use of both in ways to show love to and gratitude for God and to care and love people the way He loves us.



The Point of becoming the person that God has always envisioned is to BE SENT back into homes, work places, communities, and even across the world.  The Church has been commissioned by Jesus to extend to the world His own ministry of compassion, justice, and mercy.  Throughout the Bible and in the life and example of Jesus, God identifies with and assists the poor, the opressed, and those in society who cannot speak for themselves.  In the same way, we are called to identify with them.  We hold that compassionate ministry to these includes acts of charity as well as a struggle to prodive opportunity, equality, and justice.  We further believe that Christian's responsibility to these is an essential aspect of the life of every believer who seeks a faith that displays itself in loving works that create a better society. 






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